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An explainer video company that just gets marketing.


Using years of experience in copywriting, design, motion graphics, video production, marketing, and creative thinking to turn awesome concepts into reality.


Perfect your video marketing strategy with amazing visuals and fluid animation.

Choose from one of our custom art styles below, and let's craft an awesome explainer video to help your brand boost awareness, leads, & conversions.













Ditch the cheap, stock-vector-built videos, and let's craft a masterpiece from scratch.

Many 2D animated explainer video services have a library of existing images and vectors. They simply mix-and-match these assets to create your storyboard and animated explainer video.

That won’t do much for you.

The purpose of animated videos is to grab your viewer’s attention and WOW your prospects while delivering your message – not just to create any old animation video.

That’s why we’ll create the best explainer video for your brand.


A simple route to massive results.

We’re a team of copywriters, animators, designers, and content marketing strategists – and we can turn your brand into a work of art.

We’ll kick things off with detailed discussions on your brand, marketing objectives, and target audience.

This allows us to:

  • Brainstorm unique, creative, and original concepts & ideas that can tie together your goals with the problem you solve for your audience
  • Figure out how to present and execute our idea so it feels like an experience for your potential customers – rather than a marketing video from some random company
  • Understand how to keep your company culture at the heart of the video content we create

As a result, we can create an animated explainer video that will intrigue, entertain, or amaze your audience while taking any sales-y or promotional feels out of the picture.

One video follows one storyline, one concept, and one marketing objective.

We’ll gather all our ideas and finalize one concept for the video.

From there, we can begin writing a script that will serve as the foundation for our project.

Our scripts employ the perfect balance between:

  • creativity & simplicity
  • persuasion & information
  • entertainment & promotion

In other words, we’ll put our years of copywriting, marketing, and artistic experience to use to create a script that compels your viewer just as much as it entertains them, all while focusing on what’s in it for them, rather than your product or service.

Once we’ve written the script, it’s time to apply the right voice to it.

We’ll figure out the tone, voice, and feel that can best breathe life into our script.

Does it need to be:

  • Funny or serious?
  • Mysterious or motivational?
  • Sarcastic or witty?

We’ll figure it out and record a flawless voiceover in our professional (in-house) recording studio to achieve the perfect sound quality.

Additionally, unlike most animated explainer services, we believe that music plays a massive role in the overall feel & success of the video.

Therefore, instead of going with standard (aka boring AF) corporate soundtracks and music, we’ll apply premium beats that best fit the overall style, mood, and feel of the video.

Now we’re gettin’ to the good stuff.

Moving on to the best and most creative parts of the project, we’ll need to determine the art styles for our video.

You can choose from one of our many high-quality art styles or share your own.

Once we’ve solidified an art style and color scheme, we’ll create your storyboard, crafting scenes 100% customized for your script, video, and brand.

From here, we can move forward with our explainer video production.

So far, we understood your marketing objective and came up with a unique concept to further it.

We turned that concept into a script.

Then, we applied a voice to that script.

And from there, we determined our art style and created a custom storyboard from scratch.

Now, it’s time to turn it all into reality and bring our ideas to life through fluid animation:

  • We’ll take our storyboard and get it moving by animating all the right aspects in all the right ways.
  • We can then apply our voiceover to it and match the soundtrack to the movement of our video.
  • Next, we’ll apply all the right sound effects to “glue” the voiceover, music, and animation together into one experience.
  • We’ll render the final video, remove any technical glitches (there are always glitches), and we’re done!

Whether its to display on your landing page, liven up your social media activity, or boost your SEO strategy, you now have a great explainer video to increase your conversion rates.

Create wonders with a team that doesn't settle for average.


Aim For Real Results

  • Get substantial concepts built around your pain points before you pay a dime
  • Content that accurately portrays your brand and resonates with your target audience

Unparalleled Support

  • via Slack, Asana, Trello, or good ol' fashioned email
  • Light-speed responses & the friendliest interactions
  • 24/7 access to our Founder via WhatsApp & Slack

We've Got Your Back

  • A carefully built team of content strategists and artists all-in on maximizing your marketing efforts
  • Complete devotion to understanding your business and the world around it

A few words from the wise.

“Obaid and his team at Planet Content are creative and consistent. They're super easy to work with and actually get high-quality content creation. I'd definitely recommend them if you're looking for content marketers who can help you scale.”

- Josh Fechter

Founder, The Product Company

"Obaid & his team produce high quality work for us. They're super easy to work with and very receptive of feedback. I don’t have to worry about them missing any milestones or not understanding my requirements. Obaid's always on top of the tasks and adapts to change with a positive attitude. Anything creative or content related - Obaid is your guy."

- Lori Li

Senior Marketing Analyst, TINYpulse

"This team slays! We have yet to find another organization that can so effortlessly bring our voice to life. To top it off, they've met deadlines and communicated flawlessly from day one."

- Katie Wilks

Marketing Account Manager, Pro Q Solutions

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