When it comes to animated explainer videos, there is a big gap between what animators & illustrators are capable of—and what marketers, CMOs, and founders usually have them make. For that reason, I’ve created this list of awesome animated explainer video examples to change things up.

Making a high-level animated video requires you to blend creative concepts, appealing design, compelling copywriting, and fluid animation. However, when it comes to the stuff we create for our campaigns, we tend to rely on drag-and-drop tools, stock vector images, and cheap resources.

Over the past two years, I’ve watched and analyzed hundreds of animated explainer videos to understand why the amazing ones were so amazing. I believe a well-crafted video is one of the few forms of content you can make that will actually provide your prospect with an experience to remember.

With that being said, I’ve listed 17 of my favorite animated explainer videos in this post if you need some inspiration for your next video.

Let’s check them out.

1. Connection

This video is what started it all for me. I was so used to seeing very low-quality explainer videos, that I thought nothing of them. You know the kind: boring, basic, bland, silly characters standing around barely moving but having full-blown conversations.


When I saw this video by Toongoose—I fell in love with it. I thought the script was amazing, the concept was brilliant, the storyboard was freaking perfection, and the animation was just so fluid.

That’s why I wanted to put this first on my list—to try and get you to go down the same rabbit hole that I went down.

Awesome Scenes from the Video

If you don’t have time to watch the video, here are some great screenshots from it:




From here, let’s kick things up a notch.

2. Fix Florida

This video by Giant Ant, made for Costa Sunglasses, is one of the best explainer videos I’ve seen. It’s SO good that I wanted to “save the best for last.”

At the same time, it’s so good that I needed to show it earlier on (because I doubt you have enough time to watch 15+ videos), but not too soon as to set the bar too high.

What a dilemma.

Anywho, I can’t get over the amazing concept. I love how there are layers upon layers in each frame, the seamless transition of color schemes, the calm & soothing voiceover, and the character illustrations.

Ultimately, blending in multiple scenes, or scenarios, into single frames and flawlessly compiling it into one, long, side-scrolling shot is a remarkable feat.

And it looks great.

Awesome Scenes from the Video

If you don’t have time to watch the video, here are some sweet screenshots from it:




Now those are some beautiful scenes.

3. An Ordinary Christmas

The first of a few videos on this list by Ordinary Folk, it’s also the first hand-drawn animated video featured in this post. Hand-drawn animated videos take arguably more time to complete. However, in my opinion, they allow for more creativity and fluid movement.

This video, An Ordinary Christmas, was their first holiday video, made to wish their audience a Merry Christmas. It’s based on a verse in the Book of Isaiah and depicts a town covered in darkness being illuminated by Light.

It’s an excellent portrayal of how vibrant color schemes can breathe life to a scene.

Furthermore, it shows that, though a live action video is a solid approach for video in your marketing strategy, they can’t really compare with the creative freedom that animation allows.

Awesome Scenes from the Video

No time to watch the video? Just check out these screenshots:




Visual storytelling at its finest.

4. Google: Project-Fi Design Reel

Next on this list of animated explainer video examples is a project by B-Reel. The soundtrack for this video is a tune made from a sample of the Batman Animated Series theme song.

Needless to say, that’s completely badass.

Add that to a minimal, yet creative design, and you end up with an effective explainer video.

Awesome Scenes from the Video

Not the right time or place to properly enjoy a video? Screenshots, friend:




The mixture of simple typography, simple illustrations, but extremely fluid animation and a great soundtrack make for a compelling video.

5. SyFy25: Origin Stories / Ron Moore

When it comes to video content for social media, SyFy knows what to do. Partnering with Laundry and animator Anthony Serraino, they used snippets from their Origin Stories podcast to depict real-life experiences from real people we know and love. These videos are about how the creators, experts, and influencers who made science fiction what it is today—became fans of science fiction.

They’re episodes so far have featured folks like legend DC Fontana, comic book editor Sana Amanat, and in this case, screenwriter and producer Ron Moore.

What I like most about this video is the constant change of scenery—from one amazing frame to another. Aside from being a sucker for anything related to space, I love the art style they employed to depict the memories being shared.

In my opinion, this kind of video marketing serves as the perfect example of how to re-purpose content, tell great stories to your target audience, and create a great explainer video.

Awesome Scenes from the Video

You know the drill. Badass screenshots:




Also, just so you know, all the Origin Stories explainer videos are worth a watch.

The videos for DC Fontana and Sana Amanat are linked-to above, and you can find the others here.

6. The Power of Like

This next masterpiece was created by a team of talented creatives led by Anthony Vucko. It’s a philosophical take on the impact of a “like” and the effects of recognition.

Aside from the title of the video, it uses only a combination of simple shapes to visualize the story. Additionally, it employs a well-executed voiceover, by Michelle Falanga, spoken over ambient music by CypherAudio.

Awesome Screenshots from the Video

Here are some sweet screenshots from the Power of Like:




With simple elements, this video takes on you a tiny adventure—all the way to the depths of the ocean and back.

7. Bliss Showreel

This was the very first animated video we made together at Planet Content. Showreels usually depict a ton of work you’ve made for your clients. However, considering we were only a few months old at the time, there wasn’t much material to work with.

For that reason, we just came up with different short animations to compile into a showreel. We went back to it a few months later and added some actual work we had done for a few clients by that point.

All in all, I feel it’s a great example of making the visuals flow with the soundtrack to create a specific atmosphere.

In this case, we wanted to achieve a feeling of calmness and relaxation.

Awesome Screenshots from the Video

I got screenshots for days:



8. Do Great Things Together

Next up, we have another video made by the awesome team over at Giant Ant. This one was made for Asana—the project management platform we all know and love (and probably use).

I added this one to my list of animated explainer video examples not because it’s so extravagant, but because it’s simplicity at its finest.

It uses simple typography, simple elements, and a simple soundtrack, yet it’s so effective at accomplishing its purpose. I also enjoy how they managed to do so much with Asana’s logo, using the three circles as the main focus points throughout the video.

Awesome Screenshots from the Video

You know what time it is, fam.




9. Stellar

This next video was created by a team of 3rd-year Character Animation and CG Art students at the Animation Workshop and VIA University College in Denmark.

It’s about a boring and bland, unknown city with equally dull denizens. They carry out monotonous routines, day in and day out. One day, orange spheres begin emerging from corners of the city and float to the sky.

The citizens begin to pay attention, and the ones who accept the “invitation” are thrown into a beautifully aesthetic world.

The video features some of the most gorgeous aesthetics I’ve seen in an animated video. Additionally, it’s a great example of not needing words to relay a message or tell a story.

Aside from that, it uses a stellar (ha) combination of 2D & 3D animation. All in all, there are many idea-inducing takeaways from this video.

Awesome Screenshots from the Video

Check out these crazy screenshots if you don’t have time to watch a (relatively) long video:




Freaking amazing, right?

10. Join the Movement

This video by Ordinary Folk was created for School of Motion, an online academy for motion graphics, design, and animation. SOM teaches aspiring and expert creatives how to master different aspects of animation. They’ve prepared courses on the fundamentals, core creative skills, as well as advanced training. These courses can teach you about character illustration, design, and illustration for animation. They even have courses for 3D animation, VFX, and character rigging.

Pro-tip: These courses make for great employee perks. I’ve already purchased three of their courses for my concept artist, and she absolutely loves them.

And for full disclosure, no, this isn’t a sponsored entry in any way, shape, or form. They have no idea who I am or even my brand for that matter. I just think they’re super dope.

Awesome Screenshots from the Video

Bet you didn’t see this coming: More screenshots.




If there’s one place you can go to learn how to create videos like the ones on this list – it’s SOM.

11. End of Space

Kurzgesagt – In A Nutshell is a YouTube channel filled with beautifully designed animated explainer videos built on unique ideas and concepts. They explore different scenarios, questions, and ideas, such as, how to build a Dyson sphere, the origin of consciousness, and why building a base on Mars is a horrible idea.

To present these stories, they’ve come up with one of the most unique art styles I’ve seen. It never ceases to amaze me how they can consistently find ways to depict any and everything with it.

In terms of video production, each video takes around 1200 hours and several creative minds to complete. All of their videos get millions of views, and they publish a new one every few weeks.

End of Space is about how our efforts to explore space may prevent us from doing so in the long-run, due to the constant addition of debris around our planet.

Awesome Screenshots from the Video

You may not have time, but you do have screenshots:




Scary concept – perfect execution.

12. Rabbit Hole

With this explainer, I wanted to create a video detailing my approach to marketing, in general. I felt that as more and more products, services, brands, consultants, etc. popped up every day, it would become increasingly difficult for them to make a name for themselves. Or even stand out from the ever-growing crowd.

If their marketing strategy was to just make a website, create a few social profiles, and start posting content—they’d have a long way to go.

Their goal, instead, should be to create a world of interesting content or content built on unique ideas or concepts. If they could do this consistently, using a combination of content marketing and 2D animation, they could create experiences for their audiences.

Rather than just an online presence for their brand.

For that reason, I came up with the concept of Rabbit Holes and wrote this script. It was also my first time recording a voiceover. From there, my concept artist Madeeha and my animator Arif brought it all to life.

Awesome Screenshots from the Video

No time + screenshots = problem solved.




13. Welcome to the Age of No-code

Next up on my list of amazing animated explainer video examples is another video by the extraordinary folks at Ordinary Folk. They created it for Webflow.

This video (stunningly) takes you through the ideas that Webflow was built on. Webflow is an online visual editing platform that allows you to build websites without any coding.

It’s a powerful premise explained in a simple and concise manner through a beautifully animated video.

Awesome Screenshots from the Video

Oh, look, more screenshots:




14. Browse Freely

Next up, we have another video by Anthony Serraino and the folks over at Laundry. They created it for Firefox.

It’s a solid example of not needing a lengthy video to share an impactful message.

Awesome Screenshots from the Video

It’s a quick video, but if that has nothing to do with why you can’t watch it at the moment, here are some screenshots:




15. The Egg

Next up on our list of animated explainer video examples is a story by Andy Weir, illustrated and animated by the brilliant creatives over at Kurzgesagt.

It’s a bit longer than the other videos here but definitely worth the watch. Not only for the illustrations and animation, but it’s an interesting take on the afterlife.

All in all, it’s yet another video that should flood your mind with dozens of ideas.

Awesome Screenshots from the Video

Do I even have to say anything?




A great story powered by great visuals.

16. How to Make an Explainer Video

Next up is an explainer video about how to make explainer videos. It’s the third video we made as a team at Planet Content. I like this video because you can notice a gradual progression in our abilities as a group. The illustrations are getting better, the animation more fluid, and I feel like I was getting better at recording voiceovers and writing scripts.

Additionally, I like how the storyboard is mostly created with different shades of blue.

Last but not least, the music we used, Oh What a Whirl by Jules Gaia, perfectly complements the quirky feel of the video.

Ultimately, it’s a solid video put together by a team of only three people.

Awesome Screenshots from the Video

I’m officially the local screenshot supplier:




17. Today We

Giant Ant created this next video for Bluecross Blueshield North Carolina. It’s a superpan through North Carolina, taking us from the hospital to the mountains in a single shot.

Once again, they’ve created seamless transitions between different color schemes and environments.

Awesome Screenshots from the Video

Okay, it was a bit difficult to choose just three screenshots from this video. Every scene is gorgeous.




Oh, Giant Ant, you and your beautiful illustrations and flawless composition.

Time to Get Creative

This wraps up my list of badass animated explainer video examples. However, just by following the different brands and studios mentioned in this post, you can easily find more videos to inspire you.

Now the next time you need to address the pain points of your potential customers, consider investing in a high-quality animated video to tell the tale.

Whether you add one to your homepage, your landing page, or use one in an ad campaign, an animated explainer video is one of the most effective ways of boosting brand awareness and your overall online marketing efforts.