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Mughees Mehmood

Mughees is a content strategist and the lead daydreamer at Planet Content. He spends his days playing games, dealing memes, and watching Kurzgesagt videos. He sometimes works, too.


Is Google a Monopoly? Analyzing the Genius Lawsuit [& Other Cases]

With Google's questionable practices coming to light, marketers are finally starting to wonder, is Google a monopoly? Read on for a complete breakdown.

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Forget Brand Awareness & Build Brand Affinity with Content Marketing

Understanding how to enhance brand affinity, the audience's love for your brand, through high-quality content based on user intent and value-based delivery.

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The Complete SEO Strategy Guide for Marketers [For 2020]

Struggling to get to Google's first page? Here's a detailed SEO strategy guide you can use to bolster your website and strenghten your SEO.

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