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Muhammad Talha

Talha is a Content Marketing Manager and the Chief Meme Officer at Planet Content. He packs years of experience in crafting and promoting high-level B2B content in the SaaS, HR, finance, and digital marketing spheres.


A Game Of Spy vs. Spy: Why A Competitive Market Is Good For Business

Being in a competitive market isn't necessarily a bad thing. Read on to find out why competition is healthy, how businesses inspire each other, and ...

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On-Page SEO: The Anatomy of a Badass Blog Post [In 2020]

If you're struggling to optimize your blog posts, you're in luck. Here's an in-depth guide to on-page SEO, covering both users and search engines.

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The Latest Conversion Rate Optimization Tips and Ideas [for SaaS & Agencies]

We analyzed Unbounce's 2020 Conversion Benchmark Report to extract the key conversion rate optimization takeaways and ideas for SaaS and agency marketers.

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The Complete Content Analysis Blueprint for Marketers

Having trouble ranking in the SERPs and getting decent traffic? It might be time to run a content analysis. Read on to learn the correct ...

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