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Muhammad Talha

Talha is a Content Marketing Manager and the Chief Meme Officer at Planet Content. He packs years of experience in crafting and promoting high-level B2B content in the SaaS, HR, finance, and digital marketing spheres.

How To Write A Blog Post That Gets 900,000+ Monthly Visits [+Free Guide]

A detailed breakdown of how I wrote one blog post that generated over 900,000 monthly visitors for one of my clients.

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40+ Cool Designs to Inspire Your Next Masterpiece

Looking for some inspiration? These cool designs will help you get over your creative block and create something amazing.

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What is Product Marketing? [A Two-Phase Guide for 2021]

Effective product marketing is one of the best ways to stand out in a competitive market. This guide goes over everything you need to know ...

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On-Page SEO: The Anatomy of a Badass Blog Post

If you're struggling to optimize your blog posts, you're in luck. Here's an in-depth guide to on-page SEO, covering both users and search engines.

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