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Obaid Khan Durrani

Obaid is the Founder & Creative Director of Planet Content. His focus is on content strategy, video strategy, web design, and taking the boring & annoying out of marketing.

content farm

A Content Farm Crisis: The Other Side of Content Marketing

A content farm is a content writing service that churns out low quality content for low costs. Let's take a look at how they work.

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What is Good Content Marketing? A Perfect 6-Rule Framework

Breaking down different content marketing methodologies into 6 rules to better understand what it means to be a content marketer in 2021.

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17 Epic Animated Explainer Video Examples to Inspire You

2D animation is a world of creativity limited only by imagination. These animated explainer video examples will inspire your next masterpiece.

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SparkToro Review: Is This the Next Must-Have Tool for Marketers?

SparkToro is an audience intelligence tool that provides deep insights into your audience. Check out this SparkToro review to find out if it's worth it.

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