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Who We Are

Marketers, thinkers, and stargazers.

Our Story

Expert marketers, artists, and strategists who built the first content marketing agency in Pakistan

Our Vision

To become a leading content agency by helping folks achieve growth through stellar content creation

Our Goal

To create content marketing strategies that make a difference, stand out, and entertain audiences

Howdy, we're Planet Content!

A Message from Our Founder

“You know, startin’ the first content marketing agency in this town wasn’t no easy task. And I say ‘first’ cause, them other marketing teams didn’t know what they was doin’. They was just shootin’ blanks in the air – creating with no content strategy. Pretty much just lame content writing teams that didn’t know nothin’ about real content marketing services.

I saw the way all the greats was doin’ it – and I thought ’hell, those badass content marketers need more badass content marketers that believe in great content.’

I felt like it wasn’t about makin’ a buck, but makin’ a real difference. Content marketing to me was so much more than churnin’ out articles and slappin’ keywords in ’em.

It was about capturin’ all the complexities of a brand: their goals, their culture – their people, and transforming it all into an authentic source of value built around the desires of their target audience. And divin’ deep into numbers and our imagination to do so.

I knew there were others here that felt the same, and it was my job to find ’em.

Together, we’d set out on a mission to use data & ideas to create amazing content, become one of the top content marketing agencies in the world, and show other folks how it’s done.”

Scale your brand with a team that doesn't believe in average.



Character Artist

Ze Magician




Lead Trash Talker



Content Marketer

Head Chef



Content Marketer

Self-Proclaimed Singer



Concept Artist

Resident Picasso



Content Marketer

Day Dreamer


Concept Artist

Le Artiste




Habitual Rambler



Content Strategist

The Traveler



Content Marketer

Lead Procrastinator


Content Marketer

The Scientist

Meet Olym & Val

The nicest conqueror in the universe, and his advisor.


Olym, the Conqueror, is an extraterrestrial entity of unknown origin. Extremely intelligent and honest, he is confused & saddened upon realizing that species of all kind are, in fact, afraid of him – due to his role as a conqueror.

That is, until Val, the Advisor, advises him to seek out a “content marketing agency” – an unknown place across the cosmos that can help him properly deliver his message, and win the affection of every being in the universe.

Hoping to do just that, he embarks on an adventure through the universe to prove himself as someone who can be trusted and loved.

Watch the teaser trailer of his adventure above, follow @OlymTheConq to continue following his journey, and stay tuned for the first episode in this animated series.

We believe in being 100% transparent – even if it hurts.


What We Do

  • Proper search engine optimization backed with high-quality content and a focus on user experience.
  • We focus on high-level animated video production, graphic design & illustration, and content marketing to craft the best content.
  • Improve your inbound marketing engine, thought leadership, and brand awareness with a stellar digital strategy.

What We Don't Do

  • We don't offer individual services for email marketing, PPC, website design, or CRO of landing pages.
  • We can't help with your podcast, public relations needs, or affiliate marketing programs.
  • We're not an all-around digital marketing agency or 360° marketing company. We also don't outsource our projects, pay influencers, or try to game Google rankings.

How We Can Help

  • We'll use our knowledge of content development and SEO to land you at the top of search engines.
  • From high-level keyword research to a LinkedIn promotion strategy, we make your content marketing efforts produce results.
  • We'll cover everything from blog content and social media marketing to white papers and infographics to create awesome content marketing campaigns.

A few words from the wise.

“Obaid and his team at Planet Content are creative and consistent. They're super easy to work with and actually get high-quality content creation. I'd definitely recommend them if you're looking for content marketers who can help you scale.”

- Josh Fechter

Top Growth Marketer & SaaS Consultant

"Obaid & his team produce high quality work for us. They're super easy to work with and very receptive of feedback. I don’t have to worry about them missing any milestones or not understanding my requirements. Obaid's always on top of the tasks and adapts to change with a positive attitude. Anything creative or content related - Obaid is your guy."

- Lori Li

Senior Marketing Analyst, TINYpulse

"This team slays! We have yet to find another organization that can so effortlessly bring our voice to life. To top it off, they've met deadlines and communicated flawlessly from day one."

- Katie Wilks

Marketing Account Manager, Pro Q Solutions

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